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Wonder if someone else experienced IT too?
How many people do THAT the same way?
Who also thinks THIS?
Likes THAT...
Believes THAT?
Enjoys doing THIS ..
.. Wondering if you are "NORMAL"?? .. Or "WEIRD"?? ..Let's be weird together!
#BeYou! Share who you are, what's on your mind, what you're doing, what you like/don't like, events in your life, your opinions ... Silly or serious, or just because. Create your very own mini polls!

Use "#" before a word to "hashtag" it, and @ to tag usernames.
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Who? Vote to find out!
(1 year ago)
Me Too!? Hmm!? Not Me!?
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Who? Vote to find out!
(6 months ago)
Me Too!? Hmm!? Not Me!?
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Who? Vote to find out!
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Kristy M.  app rating
"This is a fun and interesting app. I like being able to mention how I feel about things or what I'm doing at the moment and seeing if other people can relate or not. It's also interesting to see what other people are posting too. You might be surprised at how many people can relate to you or how many people don't relate to certain things at all. I've posted things that I thought people would say "me too" about but they didn't. I've also had the opposite happen...sometimes something you think no one will understand gets a lot of "me too" responses. :)"
(Review on Google Play)
She's A Weirdy Ya know app rating
"I love this app. It's very creative and uniquely distinguished from well known social media platforms. I think it's a great way of connecting with others who have common interests with you. The team that created this app deserves a well deserved pat on the back. I will continue to use this app."
(Review on Google Play)
naftali rating
"It's a very beautiful app that helps you connect with friends and people whom you share similar experiences. I enjoy every day using this app. Easy to use and interact with."
(Review on Google Play)
allthenicknamesaregakenapp rating
"I’ve been using this ap for about a week now and have really enjoyed it. I like the simplicity and straightforward nature of this ap and how easy it is to use! I’m excited to watch it grow :)"
(Review on App Store)
deammmmmmmmapp rating
New discovery
"I stumbled across this app and gave it a try. It’s kinda like twitter where you keep the post short and sweet most of the time . You can write about anything related to you and find out who’s like you in a sense of acting or thinking and other ppl get to vote on your post with the options below or make a comment . If your just curious about other people or if you want to know who is like yourself then download the app and find out for yourself !!"
(Review on App Store)
Maxwell Otienoapp rating
"Simplistic in design and easy to use. It's a great app for social connections among like minded people."
(Review on Google Play)
A Google userapp rating
(Review on Google Play)
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