If you’re 18+ and single, add Friends Match Me to your Me We Too!

Our newest upgrade on Me We Too is for all the single people!  (I can’t help but think of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” here, right!!)  If you’re 18 years or older and single, you can now connect the free dating app Friends Match Me to your Me We Too profile.

If you don’t have a Friends Match Me profile yet, join on their website at www.friendsmatchme.com or donwload the app on Google Play or the App Store (click on the links or search for “friendsmatchme”).  Friends Match Me is 100% totally free – no hidden fees or catches like the other dating app!  On your Edit Profile page there, you can connect your Me We Too to your Friends Match Me account.  Then on your Me We Too Edit Profile page, you can also optionally choose whether to display your Friends Match Me profile/link to other members who have also made the connection.

Connecting Friends Match Me to your Me We Too can give you fun, interesting, and insightful mini poll compatibilites info with other single members – your Me Too’s/Hmms/Not Me’s – i.e. which Me We Too posts you agree/disagree on.  We hope you like it and enjoy!

If you get a true love store let us know!  Friends Match Me is for real relationships for singles worldwide!

We welcome your feedback!

And you’re probably singing it by now so, here it is…lol

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Me We Too website & apps are SO MUCH FASTER now!

We have tweaked and upgraded the Me We Too website and apps and the loading speeds are incredibly fast now.  Flash fans you know the show premiered last week on CW, and Supergirl fans (yes, there’s crossover for the 2 shows!) you know the show premieres in a couple of weeks on CW…the upgrade just makes us think of these 2 shows lol 🙂  That’s how fast the loading speed is!

“Some of my friends say that the flash is childish but I disagree”

“I am watching ‘the flash’ right now.”

“I prefer Barry, The Flash from the tv show not the movie.”

“The Supergirl episode mixed with The Flash was good.”

“My favorite show is the flash”

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#mewetoo on ABC7 News for the Flashcards Club app!!

If you’re in the Bay Area, California you might have caught the #mewetoo hand tattoo on the Flashcards Club promo video featured on ABC7’s Finney’s Friday Free Stuff with Michael Finney.


We do love trees!  You can help save trees by using digital flashcards instead of paper flashcards with the Flashcards Club app.  It’s great for studying and also making speeches.  And it’s a free download now too!

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New Comments Feature Added to Me We Too!

You can now add comments to posts, and reply to and like  comments – besides posting “More”/”Related”/”Opposite” replies to posts that in turn also are mini polls.  The comments feature is great for when you have a comment to make on a post that you don’t feel is a “post type” – i.e. when you want to give words of encouragement like “congrats”, or ask a question.  Vote on posts to check out who commented/liked what, besides who voted what.

Clicking on the “Comment” icon on the Me We Too website and apps will jump to the post’s page/Comments section.  There you can read other comments and add your own comment too.

Download the newest Me We Too app upgrade to check it out on your smartphone or tablet! Hope you like it; we welcome your feedback!

Get app on Google Play Download app on the Apple store

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Who else hates pruny fingers like Kristen Bell? There is an easy solution – cool scuba diving gloves!

“daxshepard: My bride wears gloves in the pool because she hates the feeling of pruney finger tips on skin. #Hollyweird#iloveher”

On Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, Kristen Bell confirmed her husband’s photo is real and  she does wear gloves in the pool – “cool scuba diving gloves” – because she feels like she is going to puke when touching skin with pruny fingers.  The gloves, an idea/gift from her friend,  takes care of the phobia for her and she loves that she can join in on the fun too, and keep her kids safe in the water.

Kristen’s husband Dax Sheperd talked about how she really,really hates pruny fingers, and the surprise it was to him after 11 years of being with her (married since 2013), on Jimmy Kimmel Live  July 12:

“What I’ve been told thus far is she doesn’t like going to the pool,” he said, noting that the recent West Coast heat wave made her rethink her policy of sitting on the sidelines and watching their two children, Lincoln, 5; Delta, 3, splash around.

“She said, ‘Oh, I’m getting in,’ and I was like, ‘Oh! This is exciting!’ and she said, ‘I have to get my pool gloves,'” he recalled. “[I] come to find out that she has this weird phobia that when her fingertips are pruney, she doesn’t want to touch other people’s skin. That’s too much for her.”
(YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=yMkfT5SOroI )

There are many who hate pruny fingers just like Kristen Bell.  Krsiten estimates it to tens of people…I’m going to say probably a lot more lol.  Any on Me We Too? Post/share/vote!

Embrace the “weird”!  And embrace life!

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We Circle & Member Profiles updated to include all voting combos!

We have updated the “We Circle” and member profiles on the Me We Too website and app to include all the various voting combos – so you now get to really connect and find out how you voted the same – different – or kind of the same with other members!  The “We Circle” orders the members who have voted most like you on the top, taking into account votes on your posts, your votes on their posts, and each of your votes on others’ posts.

We have also reformatted the backend so voting speed is even faster now!  So, it’s more fun, faster!  Check it out!

#socialnetworkingfun #mewetoo #jointheclub Download the free Me We Too app on Google Play or the App Store!

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“…I think we are probably the two only people that feel that way”

Molly Gordon on Jimmy Kimmel Live , promoting her new movie “Life of the Party” with Melissa McCarthy.

Watch part of her interview with Jimmy:


Don’t just wonder…Find out who’s like You on Me We Too! #mewetoo

#BeYou #mewetoo Download the free Me We Too app on Google Play or the App Store!

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ABC’s TV show “The Middle” celebrates “weird”

And it’s cool.

Mike Heck: If you could trade Brick for some kid that never made us worry, would you?  I wouldn’t.  Cuz then, we wouldn’t have the kid who made us take all the leaves that we raked in the yard and release them back in the wild.  Ehh, who thinks like that?  I’ll never forget it.  So, yeah, he’s weird.  But, I’ll take him over some normal kid any day.

Frankie Heck:  (sighs) I just want him to be happy.

Mike Heck: Me too.


Me Too and Me We Too!

Celebrate your weird on Me We Too!

#BeYou #mewetoo Download the free Me We Too app on Google Play or the App Store!

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Do you wash your hands after using the bathroom? This New Yorker says don’t veto the “social contract”

New York writer Chris Mohney encounters a lot of men who don’t wash their hands in the publc restrooms and shares his disgust with the trend in his opinion piece for NBC News Think, “The number of men who secretly don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom would horrify you

What I’m seeing lately is not happening in a derelict holes-out-back of a state-route gas stations, where every surface may subtly pulse and writhe with infection. No, these are posh joints — clean, bright, well-appointed, even pleasantly-scented at times. And these hygienic delinquents are young and old, hip and unfashionable, coolly professional or just cool.

Something is deeply wrong with them all.

Science is on Moheny’s side.  And then there’s the “social contract of handwashing”.

Jolie Kerr, a cleaning expert and host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person, responded to the oft-cited my-junk-is-cleaner-than-the-faucet excuse: “Even if you’re a person who thinks you don’t need to because you’re only touching yourself, consider that your hands have come in contact with the surfaces that every other dude who doesn’t wash his hands after he pees has touched.”

Especually if the surfaces are food…gross!

When it happens, all I can do is deliberately fuzz my vision or look away, so I won’t recognize the non-washer in the outside world.

But I made the mistake recently of noticing one such person’s unique haircut as he left without washing, a handsomely-done high stack of dark black with light gel and a particular leftward shelf. Minutes later in the restaurant outside, I realized that same haircut was seated in an adjoining booth, talking with friends. I couldn’t see his face, but I was mesmerized as he reached into a shared breadbasket and delicately broke apart and ate a crusty dinner roll with his quite nicely manicured (and secretly disgusting, pee-splashed) hands.

Chris Mohney: “I am a man of the world and a father of a son, so I am familiar with filth and the masculine will to ignore it. But this is shocking.”

What do you think?  Reminds me of that tv show prank on the public restroom faucets that almost was a no-go because people were not washing their hands for the prank to go into play.  Maybe they didn’t touch anything?!  On a related note, so many people aren’t touching the public restroom doors, but are using paper towels to open, that the trash cans have moved towards the door for easy access 🙂


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Let’s be weird together #mewetoo


#BeYou #mewetoo Download the free Me We Too app on Google Play or the App Store!

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